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Prof. Wathiq MansoorElectrical engineering field is essential to the infrastructure of the urban and rural societies, as we could see the need to the electricity for houses, industry, hospitals, schools, roads, vehicles, marine ships, airplanes, among others. In addition, electrical engineers with their logical and critical thinking, computing skills, and mathematical skills have been engaged in work in business, financial, and banking systems. Our first subfield of electrical engineering is the communication engineering program. The communication engineering concentration is focused on preparing engineers who are able to analyze, design, implement, and maintain communications systems. Communication engineers has the required skills to work in fields of space communications, smart cities infrastructures, autonomous vehicles, smart grids, command and control operations, among others. Communications engineers are able to work in various government and private sectors that provide communication services. Communications systems have become the main drive of our everyday life practice.

Our learning and research missions are thrived by collaborations with the other fields in the university, and with various interdisciplinary centers and institutes. Our vision of Sustainable learning has been implemented within the design of the engineering curricula. Our faculty have been mentored to deliver engineering knowledge through the latest teaching methods in sustainable learning. The practical experience that our graduate earn during their studies through the state of art labs and collaboration with industry qualify them to start working on real projects right after graduations.

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