General Undergraduate

The GUCR program consists of courses which students take at the start of their program of studies at the university, usually before they begin their core courses in Business or Information Technology. GUCR provides required courses in English and mathematics, as well as other required courses. In addition, GUCR offers courses in natural and applied sciences, humanities and the social sciences. Students choose among these courses in order to complete their general curriculum requirements.

The university’s general requirements are designed to equip students with skills that they need in order to succeed in their academic specializations while they are at the university and in their working careers after graduating. GUCR courses also give students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in areas outside their academic specializations.

English courses are taught by GUCR faculty members in the GUCR.

GUCR Vision

Offer an inspiring learning experience for each student in developing essential knowledge, skills and attitudes.

GUCR Mission 2011-2013

  • To prepare students well for their studies at UD.
  • To provide useful and interesting courses in the areas that GUCR is responsible for.
  • To broaden the education of UD students beyond their academic majors.

GUCR Objectives 2011-2013

  • Equip students with the skills they need when entering their academic majors, especially with regard to English, mathematics and information technology.
  • To develop students’ abilities to communicate effectively, think critically and make good career decisions.
  • To broaden students’ experience of the humanities, social sciences and natural and applied sciences in a way that is relevant to their current situations and future lives.

GUCR Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the General Undergraduate Curriculum Requirements, students will be able to:

  • Read and write English at a level demonstrating efficient and competent function at university/workplace level.
  • Communicate effectively and think critically and analytically.
  • Apply and interpret mathematical concepts and models.
  • Use information technology effectively.
  • Demonstrate understanding and appreciation of the contribution of humanities, and social, natural and applied sciences to human experience.
  • Plan their future directions and demonstrate awareness of socio-cultural norms and relationships.

New Students

If you are a new student at UD, or are planning to be, the faculty and staff of the GUCR program welcome you and hope that you will share the values that we try to embody in our courses: curiosity about the world, commitment to lifelong learning, honesty in all our endeavors, awareness of our own cultures, and tolerance toward other cultures and societies. We hope that we will be able to offer you a useful and stimulating educational experience in our courses, with plenty of time for personal interaction between instructors and students.

Tests in English and Mathematics

The University of Dubai accepts the TOEFL, IELTS and Pearson tests of English as a second language for entry. Students need to have score reports sent to the University ahead of their anticipated enrollment. Students may contact the Registration department for more details about referrals for English placement tests and training for English tests.

GUCR administers placement tests in mathematics for new students, except for those who have their scores on international tests sent directly to the university. (For more information about admission requirements regarding English and mathematics, see Admissions.)

To register for any required mathematics placement tests, and to pay the fees for the mathematics tests, new students should consult the UD Registration Department on the 6th floor.

Students do not “pass” or “fail” these placement tests. The tests simply allow the university to decide which mathematics course is suitable for each new student. After you have taken a placement test you will be informed about which course is right for you to register in.

Preparing for the Mathematics Placement Test

At certain points in the academic year, preparation sessions are held for students who are planning to take the mathematics placement tests but who are not very familiar with studying mathematics in English. Please consult the GUCR Administrative Assistant, Leby Ashok, or the Mathematics Coordinator, Dr. Ahmed Najim, for information about these sessions.

If you wish to do some self-directed preparation in English, you can visit the Learning Center, which is located in the university library on the 4th floor. Materials are available there for self-study to familiarize you with the kinds of questions on the test.