Student Services

The Department of Student Services (DSS) provides a variety of quality programs and activities designed to foster student development , promote retention and enhance the overall university experience.

Social and Cultural Programs
Student Services organizes various social and cultural events to further the goal of promoting relations between UD and the wider community. The university conducts lively and wide-ranging social and cultural programs.
Sports and Recreational Programs
The Intramural sports schedule includes, but is not limited to football, basketball, bowling, billiards and foosball tournaments. UD sports clubs compete against higher education institutions as part of the higher education sports federation, which consists of colleges and universities in Dubai and around the UAE.
Student Council
We strongly support the establishment of an elected University of Dubai Student Council (UDSC) to develop a sense of belonging, foster an independent, proactive and responsible student body and to provide a range of social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities in which students can participate. The UDSC election is held at the beginning of each academic year.
Student Organizations
Student organizations are an integral part of the learning process at UD as they allow students to pursue personal interests and hobbies outside the classroom, learn leadership skills by handling responsibilities and meet new people.
Volunteer Programs
UD provides students several volunteer programs to students by participating in events that have a positive impact on the community and improve the quality of life for others. These programs also help raise student awareness of and promote learning from different perspectives.
Our major events are:
  • UAE National Day celebration
  • Ramadan Iftar gathering
  • International Festival
  • Barbeque trips
  • Desert safari
  • Beach parties
  • Sports tournaments
  • Talent night
  • Other social and cultural events
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