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The cafeteria provides students with a wide selection of healthy food and beverages at reasonable prices to assure the availability of the appropriate food that benefits students’ bodies and brains.

Lost and Found

In case of the loss of personal belongings, students should report to DSS using the appropriate form. If students find items that do not belong to them, found items can be submitted to the Security Desk on the ground floor or to DSS. At the end of each semester, unclaimed items will be disposed of at the discretion of the university.

Transportation Services

Bus service to students is outsourced to accommodate the transportation needs of the students. This will depend on a pre-determined minimum number of 10 students requesting this service.

Services for Students with Disabilities

The goal of the University of Dubai is to ensure a comprehensively accessible university experience where individuals with disabilities have the same access to facilities, programs, opportunities and activities as all others.


The book store offers a range of materials such as textbooks, literature, magazines, newspapers and Stationery.

Student Lounge

Located on the 1st floor, the student lounge plays an essential role in the daily life of UD students. It is a place where students gather to relax and socialize with friends.

Prayer Rooms

Men’s and women’s prayer rooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors. In most cases, evening lectures have a 20 minutes break for prayer, which is a part of the regular class break.

Groups and Student Organizations

Student Organizations are an integral part of the learning process at UD as they allow students to pursue personal interests and hobbies outside the classroom, learn leadership skills by handling responsibilities, and just generally have fun. The UD former clubs are now unified to operate under the umbrella of one main club called the “International Club”. This later involves student representatives from different countries and nationalities with a wide range of interests such as: sports, music, recreation, as well as cultural and social issues. Contributors to student organizations’ activities and events (volunteers/ushers/organizers) are normally selected from among those who are on good academic standing (2.25 and above).

The Department of Student Services (DSS) provides all the needed guidance to organize and register your group and identify appropriate faculty advisors. As a recognized student organization, the club will have access to funds generated from activity fees. The Emarati group, Environmental group are examples of the active student organizations. If you do not see a group that meets your interest, you can simply start your own in consultation with Head of Student Services.

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