Advanced Certificate in Procurement & Supply Operations (CIPS)

CIPS Advantage

  • Worldwide recognition - CIPS study programs are recognized around the world
  • A clear learning path linked to career progress - Wherever you start your learning journey, every CIPS award is closely aligned to a specific job level, helping you to prepare for promotion and enhancing your personal and professional development.
  • Greater choice of business-specific subjects - Traditional purchasing skills and relationship management: with the new topics and key business essentials, the CIPS membership levels are more closely aligned than ever to real-life business issues.
  • Remuneration - Salaries have risen rapidly over the last decade, outstripping other professions such as IT, finance, HR or sales and marketing. Purchasers who are members of the institute can expect to earn around £2,000 more than non-members. In addition, 57 per cent of procurement staff report good or excellent job satisfaction.(*Reference: CIPS / Croner Reward Purchasing and Supply Salary Survey, 2009)
  • Transferable skills give you a choice and variety of potential workplaces - One of the most beneficial things about this career is that a well-qualified purchasing professional can walk into a wide range of environments where they can use their skills to buy a whole variety of products and services.

Course Content

The International Advanced Certificate in Purchasing and Supply comprises 5 units:

  • Procurement and Supply Environments - Gives an understanding of a range of external factors that can impact on procurement and supply operations, focuses on the wider environment that impacts on procurement and supply in a range of different types of organizations, the public, private and not for profit or third sector.
  • Procurement and Supply Operations - Identifies a range of considerations in formulating agreements with external organizations and assesses procurement and supply operations structured around the achievement of the five rights, namely price, quality, time, quantity and place.
  • Procurement and Supply Workflow - Interprets a range of data to help develop effective administration processes required when dealing with external organizations and identifies the typical work flows that procurement and supply personnel can be involved in .
  • Inventory and Logistics Operations - Identifies appropriate techniques to ensure the right inventory can be purchased or supplied and how they can be applied to achieve the availability of inventories through the flow of materials and information.
  • Procurement and Supply Relationships - Explains a range of main principles and techniques that help develop customer and supplier relationships.  It is essential for procurement and supply personnel to form effective relationships with suppliers, internal and external customers and other stakeholders, it also introduces the principles of marketing, the importance of cross-functional working and the need to communicate effectively both within the organization and with people from external organizations.

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Preferably a Bachelor’s degree holder with 2 years of experience in the field.  However, a candidate with a high school certificate and possessing good communication skills in English, with at least three or more years of experience may also be allowed to apply.  Candidates holding a certificate in Purchasing & Supply may also be allowed entry.


Spread over 8 months, classes are scheduled once a week during evening hours / weekends. International exams are scheduled during May and November.

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