Boost Your Company’s Business Using Artificial Intelligence

Description of the training:

Companies all over the world are searching for a tool that permits them to optimize their strategy and to boost their business. Artificial Intelligence answers perfectly to that wish. Furthermore, the latest researches on the use of Artificial Intelligence in a business development logic permits to admit that Artificial Intelligence is the future of business and that we will not have to wait too long to see the use of this disruptive innovation in companies and corporations around the world.


The main goal of this training is to present what Artificial Intelligence is and how leverage it to boost the company’s business. Today, Artificial Intelligence is used to automatize several processes that will enable managers to focus on missions that a computer still cannot do.

This training will leave you with the complete definition and presentation of what Artificial Intelligence is, how it will be possible to use it at the business and management level along with how it will be used in the future to develop and boost the business.


  • Presentation, Definition and usage of Artificial Intelligence.
  • How is it possible to use Artificial Intelligence to boost your business?
  • Artificial Intelligence as an optimization tool.


  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence and its applications.
  • Artificial Intelligence and its application in business development.
  • Study of the current opportunities due to the emergence of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Artificial Intelligence and its future applications.
  • How to leverage Artificial Intelligence and boost your business?
  • Critical key concepts.

Learning methods:

The program combines lectures with case studies and class exercises. The teaching materials cover theories, frameworks and latest research insights as well as examples of best (and worst) practices. There will be ample opportunity to learn with and from other participants during class discussions and group work.


On successful completion of the workshop the participants will be awarded an ‘International Certificate’ from SM&B in partnership with ICN Business School, which is EQUIS & AMBA accredited.


1 Day
Date & Time – 10th Sep 2017 / 9:00AM – 3:00PM


Center for Executive Development,
University of Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tution fees*:
5,000 AED Contact:

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