Certificate in Creativity and Innovation


Companies in today's every competitive and dynamic market place, that wish to achieve objectives, be successful, and be cutting edge cannot do so by relying on past successes, it needs to continuously exam its ways and work relentlessly towards betterment.

The Certificate is designed to produce individuals and/or teams who are equipped with creative problem solving abilities. It will allow participants to improve their Creativity Quotient and be able to apply creativity and innovative ideas in the workplace.

Today, organizational success is linked to having creative and innovative leaders who can inspire people to achieve beyond what they thought were their own limits.

In an age of increasing global competitiveness where countries are competing to attract investors and talented human capital, the UAE has embarked on a series of initiatives to increase the effectiveness of day to day business operations. These have reflected positively on the overall country's economic environment. Innovation has become the main ethos of the UAE Government thus pushing its services to even higher levels of excellence and effectiveness. The course promises to stimulate participants to adapt to new skills needed to lead their organization to effective innovation in this challenging era.

Many individuals believe that being creative or innovative is something that you either are or are not, however they do not realize that creativity and innovation is a talent that can be learned and improved by adopting new perspectives, proven techniques and developing specific skills, anyone can be creative and innovative.

Certificate is KHDA approved

Creativity and Innovation:

By focusing on creativity and innovation, individuals and teams can begin to realize an increase in productivity, they start to realize solutions for problems more easily, their energy and enthusiasm is increased exponentially, all while feeling more engaged and empowered by their organization and leaders. It allows for everyone to stretch the imagination and become inspired to make a greater contribution in their lives and workplace.

Certificate Areas of Focus:

  • Creative thinking and creative process.
  • Innovation methods, techniques and tools.
  • Idea-generation facilitation skills
  • EQ or Emotional Intelligence of innovative individuals and teams
  • Leadership Behavior necessary for Innovation.

Course Expectations:

Innovation training and training in creativity should result in changes in working practices so that fresh thinking and new ideas are developed.

Understanding how to be creative and how innovation and lateral thinking happen, are important first steps in building organizations creative capacity. That then needs to be backed up with usable techniques that show people how to be creative and how to make innovation at work a reality.

Our certificate will provide you with creative thinking skills and techniques to help you to unlock your creativity and innovation and transform ideas into reality. We provide practical problem solving training, introducing creative thinking models and strategies that will challenge you and help you to review existing perspectives and consider alternative ways of working.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn to identify one's creative ability and strengths, and realize their innovative potential.
  • Challenging existing routines and habits
  • Enhance team and collaboration
  • Understand and Utilize the "process" of creativity and innovative implementation.
  • Find new and unexpected solutions to challenges
  • Optimizing the whole brain; utilizing and blending right and left brain thinking
  • Thinking Horizontally, Vertically, laterally, and multidimensional when needed
  • Move from competent to brilliant

Target Audience:

Suitable for any individual or team that wishes to develop and begin to utilize their creativity and implement innovation in their workplace.

Certificate is designed to be effective for nearly any individual or team, for almost any goal, challenge, problem or question they face. It is designed on how we process and understand ideas, ourselves and others, and therefore can be used in a variety of job situations, functions, professions, or age groups.

By focusing on creativity and innovation for individuals or teams (a great way to get people to bond and work better together), productivity increases, solutions to problems are found more easily, people's energy and enthusiasm are multiplied and people feel they have a greater stake in the company's success.

A Creativity and Innovation Training Programme tailored to your needs may be just the ticket to stretch your people's imaginations and inspire them to make a greater contribution to the business of your business.

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