Certificate in Entrepreneurship and business plan development


This is a highly practice-oriented training program designed to equip potential entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare a business plan pertaining to their own business.

Participants are not only exposed to the various components of a well-defined business plan, including elements of strategic management, marketing, accounting and finance, but also, at the end of the course, will develop their own individual business plan, which is assessed and graded. 

The program provides an ideal platform for networking with leading industry practitioners, successful entrepreneurs and for learning from peers by interacting, sharing ideas and brainstorming in a similar way to real-life work situations.

Course Content

The course covers the following units:

  • Nature of Entrepreneurship: This unit covers the areas an entrepreneur should be conversant with, prior to and during the process of becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Screening for Business Ideas: This unit covers the sources and methods of generating new business ideas, approaches to problem solving and aspects of product planning and development. The session will include a discussion and participants will be encouraged to develop their own ideas and to interact with entrepreneurs from their own field.
  • Introducing a Business Plan: This unit begins with the content and resources to be utilized in making an effective business plan and concludes with presentations on assignments given during the previous module.
  • Ownership Options: This unit deals with ownership options available to an entrepreneur and the type of business to be undertaken by each participant, together with legal aspects.
  • Management & Entrepreneurship: This unit includes topics such as business environment, conducting a SWOT analysis and an industry/market analysis, as well as developing strategies and objectives. A case analysis will be done.
  • Steps To Effective Marketing (Basic Marketing):This unit starts with an overview of marketing & developing a marketing plan, followed by marketing audit and the analysis of the marketing mix for products / services.
  • Basics of Accounting & Finance: This unit includes topics like financial statements, ratio analysis, cash management, current asset management and the financial section of the business plan.
  • Business Plan: Additional Considerations: This final unit covers sources of financing and outside help, location & layout, ethics and social responsibility and concludes with individual business plan presentations.
  • Business Plan presentation to a group of panel members


Participants should ideally be college graduates of any discipline who seriously intend to set up their own businesses. However, participants with a UAE secondary school certificate, or its equivalent, may also apply, provided they possess 2-3 years of work experience.


Three months intensive program, with classes held three times a week for 3 hrs each.
Time & Venue: 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. at the Dubai Chamber building, 5th floor.

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