Experiential Marketing


When conventional marketing approaches become less effective and customers’ expectations and tastes for marketing operations have vastly changed, Experiential Marketing comes as the answer to the crisis. The purpose of this training is to present technics of Experiential marketing, Sensorial Marketing and the analysis of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) used to identify the efficiency of the campaign.


Dr.Romain Lazzarini’s program in Experiential Marketing is designed around street level store managers, to upper management. The goal is to teach the concept Experiential Marketing. First, by clarifying the practices in use now, then by reviewing actual case studies, and lastly, by looking at how these practices and studies are being used elsewhere. Participants will learn to identify the KPI challenges in the different levels of store management. The strategical decision making process of store managers and the Return On Investment (ROI). And, participants will work to develop a process for critical thinking on KPIs and ROI for their stores.


  • The crises in conventional marketing and the emergence of unconventional marketing in stores.
  • Creating an Experiential Marketing Campaign, and understand new applications of Experiential marketing in Store management.
  • Modern Store context: the complexity and uncertainty that require the use of KPIs and ROI.


  • Understand the Experiential Marketing and the application of KPI and ROI in stores management.
  • Gain insight in the varied landscape of unconventional marketing and quantitative indicators.
  • Increase the Experiential marketing, KPI and ROI literacy.
  • Learn key concepts in Experiential Marketing and how to use KPI and ROI.
  • Discover the many of ways in which the stores can leverage its performance.
  • Develop your ability to design attraction strategies with Experiential Marketing to widen your customer base, and how apply the use KPI and ROI in store management.

Learning methods

The program combines lectures with case studies and class exercises. The teaching materials cover theories, frameworks and latest research insights as well as examples of best (and worst) practices. There will be ample opportunity to learn with and from other participants during class discussions and group work.


Our workshops are accredited by EQUIS and AMBA, upon completion of our workshop participants will receive accredited certificate from SM&B.


2 Days


16th and 17th April, 2017


Center for Executive Development,
University of Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tution fees*

10,000 AED

Course Instructor

Romain LazzariniRomain Lazzarini
Romain Lazzarini received his Ph.D. in Marketing Management from the University of Nice. With 10 years of business experience in Experiential marketing, Dr Lazzarini is an expert in strategic marketing and consumer behaviour. He worked for brands such as Azzaro, Guerlain, Swarovski, Thierry Mugler and Clarins. He has been invited to speak and has lectured at the University of Kunming, China; IHET, Tunisia; Millennium University of London, United kingdom; Kedge Marseille & Bordeaux, France; and more. Romain Lazzarini is now the head of LCA Learning and LCA Consulting of the LCA Group (www.lca-group.com), an international company specializing in Marketing, Communication and Modern Innovation.


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