ILM Level 2 Award or Certificate in Leadership & Team Skills (ILM)

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is designed to help you boost your performance as a team member and help you make the transition from working in a team to leading a team. If you are a practicing team leader, they will help you be more effective and confident in your role.

You can take this qualification as an Award or a Certificate. The units in this qualification cover a wide range of skills, knowledge and understanding. These include units that focus on:

  • Communication, with units that cover getting your message across and how to brief a team
  • Working with people, including helping your team improve
  • Providing direction and leadership, such as how to self-manage and develop as a team leader
  • Essential competencies and getting results, from problem-solving to planning and monitoring workloads

That's why ILM qualifications use work-based projects and assessment. You might carry out a real-world project as part of your course, or be asked to plan, deliver and review a piece of work.

  • Validate your management training, hard work and experience.
  • Prove you can use your new skills and knowledge in the real world.

An ILM qualification is not just a boost for your CV. It will make you more competent, confident, productive and knowledgeable – a better manager and leader.

Results for you

  • Learn core leadership and management skills
  • Put these skills into practice in your workplace
  • Improve your team's performance
  • Get a nationally recognized qualification

Impact for your employer

  • Effective team leaders and motivated teams
  • Increased productivity
  • Workplace-based assessment ensures new skills are effectively transferred to the job

Qualification title

Credit value


Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills

Minimum 3 credits
Maximum 12 credits

One hour induction
At least 2 hours tutorial support
Minimum of 3 credits from group 1*

Level 2 Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills

Minimum 13 credits
Maximum 36 credits

One hour induction
At least two hours tutorial support
Choice of units from groups 1* (level 2 units) and 2 (level 3 units)
Maximum of 6 credits from group 2

The following courses/units are currently being offered as open enrollment to earn these qualifications: (if you would like to see an additional topic or would like a customized ILM program please contact us)

  1. Solving Problems and Making Decisions (Level 3, 2 credits)
  2. Understanding Leadership (Level 3, 2 credits)
  3. Meeting Customer Needs (Level 2, 2 credits)
  4. Providing Quality to Customers (Level 2, 1 credit)
  5. Giving Briefings and Making Presentations (Level 3, 2 credits)
  6. Methods of Communicating in the Workplace (Level 2, 1 credit)
  7. Planning and Monitoring Work (Level 2, 2 credits)

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