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A Brainstorming Session on Happiness at University of Dubai


More than 40 representatives from governmental and private institutions, staff, faculty members, and students, gathered at the University of Dubai (UD) on March 7th, 2017 to attend the “Happiness Seminar” organized by UD Center for Executive Development (CED).

During the event, the attendees developed an advanced model to measure happiness and form international happiness centers throughout the UAE.

Being the first and the only University to launch a “Happiness Council” comprising of members from staff, faculty members, students and Alumni, UD determines its role in advancing the societal aspect of the UAE. Hence, the main focus of this council is to delve deeper into the reasons and causes of happiness and positive and examine strategies to serve the purpose of advancing UD’s learning and working environment.

Chief of Happiness and Positivity Council at UD Mr. Hikmat Beani shared some welcoming remarks during the event and narrated the story that brought forward the creation of the council.

“By figuring out the domains of happiness at educational institutions, we guarantee happier and healthier academic societies,” Mr. Beani stated.

Responding to His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, happiness and positivity initiatives, Dubai Silicon Oasis has recently developed and launched a “Happiness Eco-system” program comprising of 6 pillars, stated the Vice President, People & Business Excellence at Dubai Silicon Oasis Mr. Haidar Ali during the seminar.

“We are looking forward to advancing UAE eco-system by implementing the strategies of this program,” said Mr. Ali. He also explained the 6 pillars: 1- Corporate Happiness 2- Happiness Diploma 3- Happiness Lab 4- Dubai Happiness Forum 5- Happiness Big Data 6- Ladies Happiness Council.

The expert in happiness and positivity Dr. Tamer Elewa shared his knowledge and experience during the event as a keynote speaker. He uncovered the models, techniques and tools of creating happier societies. He specifically discussed in his presentation the “4 H Model” which stands for Head, Heart, Hand, and Hope. Head is meant to represent Rational Happiness, Heart for Emotional Happiness, Hand for Physical Happiness, and Hope for Future happiness.

“In light of a technologically advancing and digitized world we are living in, people are losing their social skills and learning to become distant from each other,” Dr. Elewa said. “When our social bonds diminish, our happiness fades away,” he concluded.

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