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University of Dubai Grants 60,000 AED on Its “Ahmad Majjan Innovation Award”

Ahmad Majjan Innovation Award
In alignment with the UAE national strategy for innovation, the University of Dubai (UD) is launching on September 17, 2017 the Ahmad Majjan Innovation Award for young entrepreneurs and future inventors.

The Award grants a monetary prize of 60,000 AED for the first, second, and third place winners.

This Award is designed to encourage students and young entrepreneurs to compete annually and advance business and technical innovations. It also comes in line with the UAE’s strategic plans to boost its economy and increase its global competitiveness through innovation.

UD President Dr. Eesa Bastaki said that this initiative is a token of appreciation for the Emirati inventor Ahmad Majjan who has placed the UAE on the list of the world’s innovative countries by winning several prestigious awards for new ideas, inventions and products. Some of his inventions include an automatic fish feeder, a solar-powered tiller, a thief-catching clock, an electronic map of Dubai and step-counting shoe. “Our goal is to provide a platform for young generations to expand their horizons, think outside the box, and develop better and more future innovations.”

Mr. Majjan urged high school and university students to grab the opportunity offered by the University of Dubai and register for the Award competition. “This Award is very much aligned with the UAE government national strategy for innovation as it values our leaders’ commitment to better develop our beloved country.” He added: “You can register to compete in the award’s following categories: Mobile Business Application, Agricultural Technologies, Environmental Technologies, Robotics & Drones & Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and other technological innovations.”

The Award is eligible for high school and university students who are registered at one of the UAE’s educational institutions (full time /part time students).

Ahmed Majjan, who has many patents registered under his name, is the founder of seven companies. Majjan has developed his skills and passion for innovation at a very young age as he was inspired by his father.

For more details, check out the UD award web page through the following link:

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