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“Health Day” Indicates UD Family in Good Health

The results of the medical examinations carried out at the University of Dubai (UD) during its Health Day showed that 94% of the students, staff and faculty members were healthy and only 6% of them suffered from borderline diabetes rates. The results also revealed that only 11 participants had high blood pressure. Moreover, the dental, skin and nutrition examinations showed positive and normal results.

The tests included blood pressure, diabetes, teeth, skin and nutrition, and were conducted by a number of medical centers in Dubai, including the Medical Treatment Center, Sultan Al Ulama Medical Center, New Nutrition, Berjil Hospital and Prime Hospital.

More than 172 students, staff and faculty members participated in the Health Day, which was held by the Department of Student Services (DSS). The participants consisted of 91 males and 81 females, between 17 and 55 years. The health report generated from event results proved that some participants need a slight change in lifestyle and nutrition routines.

Director of DSS Ms. Amina El Marzak said that the University of Dubai is always keen to emphasize the health aspect in its activities. She added that the UD president Dr. Eesa Bastaki has launched recently several initiatives to promote a healthy and happy environment such as Walk @ Work where all UD staff, faculty members and students allocate half an hour to walk daily inside the university.

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