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University of Dubai Students Launch Women and Youth Councils

University of Dubai Students Launch Women and Youth Councils
The University of Dubai Student Union Council (UDSU) launched the first women and youth councils among universities in the UAE. The councils will serve as liaisons between the university and Dubai Youth Council.

The announcement came during a meeting that brought together UDSU’s officers represented by its President Ahmad Alkaitoob and a delegation from Dubai Youth Council including Obeid Saleh Al Falasi and Mohammed Yousif Al Marri.

The delegation extended their gratitude toward UDSU officers for their initiatives to launch new councils and desire to organize various activities in order to attract young people and motivate them to serve the society. They also expressed their willingness to support and develop the new Councils’ initiatives, events, and activities as well as help them accomplish their goals.

During the meeting, the UDSU officers proposed their annual plan to the delegation as they went through a brainstorming session with the delegation to get new ideas and organize their thoughts.

President Alkaitoob said that the new councils came in line with the vision of the UAE's wise leadership that empowers young people and women to build a better and a happier society with numerous achievements in all fields and industries. He pointed out that the Youth Council will participate in youth activities, sports and innovations both inside and outside the country. “We aim at providing an opportunity for students to actively participate in various fields and develop their skills while completing their studies.”

            He also highlighted the significance of women’s role in building successful societies. “Through the Women Council, we will empower the females to explore and expand their horizons. They will be organizing several training courses and events, participating in international women festivals, as well as representing the voice of female students in conferences both locally and internationally.”

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