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The University of Dubai (UD) considers internship one of the most important channels bringing together the College, the students, and the job market. Moreover, internship is the most valuable way to integrate the academic environment with real-life practice through applied project work
At UD, students sign up for one of the three following forms of Internship:
Field Internship (for non-working students)
Field Internship The field internship is an eight-week training period in a relevant position in a selected workplace. It is mainly undertaken by non-working students as well as students with less than two years of work experience. The purpose is to provide students with practical experience in an organizational setting where learning and doing are the chief objectives. It is an essential part of the Bachelor's degree program and it will help students improve, evaluate and above all practice the skills they need for the future... Read more
Internship Exchange (International)
The University of Dubai has a partnership agreement on internship exchange with the following universities abroad:
  1. Hamburg School of Business Administration, Germany.
  2. Groupe Sup de Co de Montpellier, France
Students may choose to travel during the Field Internship (Summer semester)... Read more
Internship Exchange
Industry Project (for working students with minimum two (2) years experience.
Industry Project The Industry Project (IP) is designed exclusively for working students with a minimum of two years' experience. The purpose of this course is to provide the working student an opportunity to develop competence in applying learned theories and gained skills to an actual business problem or issue. A student will undertake a supervised project to tackle an existing business/IS problem at his organization, explore possible causes of the problem, alternative solutions, and assess the effect(s) of each solution on the organization...Read more

Internship Forms

Please click on one of the links below to download and complete the necessary internship-related form.

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