Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing is no longer sufficient to efficiently drive brand growth and sales. With the growth of technology, Digital Marketing is at the forefront of innovation and major growth and the demand for skilled digital professionals is on the rise. The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is designed to give a solid foundation in Digital Strategy & Execution for:

  • Entry Level Marketing Professionals
  • Experienced Marketing Professionals with Traditional Marketing background.
  • Owners and employees of “start-ups” who wish to drive their business blending both current market trends in Digital Marketing and conventional methods.

This course provides an introduction to Digital Marketing and its importance within the current media environment. Receive in-depth knowledge about the multiple digital channels such as: Social Media, PPC, SEO, Display, Email and how they can be used to effectively create an impactful digital marketing strategy. Learn how to develop a website, and the basic principles of impactful website design and structure leading to greater online awareness & lead generation. Be exposed to the growing world of App development, and App marketing, and how this differs from website behavior. Finally gain hands on experience with digital analytics and about the future of digital. At the end of the course you will be able to set your digital strategy and measure its impact and overall campaign results.

The course is highly focused on the UAE market requirements and is facilitated by experienced industry professionals to give hands on experience to the participants.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Putting together a complete digital marketing strategy with KPI’s and integrating it with the overall Marketing Strategy.
  • Effectively use PPC, SEO, Email, Social Media channels, display advertising, content marketing and App marketing to drive sales and traffic.
  • Implementing and optimizing digital marketing campaigns and utilizing CRM for Data Management.
  • Hands on experience in using Analytics Tools eg: Google Analytics for report extraction and campaign measurement.
  • Understanding of the UAE Laws governing Digital Media in the country.
  • Understanding of the opportunities for deploying emerging digital marketing media and techniques.

Modules Covered

Module 1- Digital Disruption

This module provides an introduction to Digital Marketing and explores the penetration of Digital into our daily lives. The use of technology affects current Marketing strategy and consumer behavior, demonstrating the shift in power from businesses to consumers. Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing with an introduction to multiple channels and how it fits into overall marketing to create an integrated strategy, along with how to identify opportunities and the overall characteristics, implication and importance of Digital in today’s world.

Module 2 - Search Marketing

Search Marketing is a cornerstone of consumer behavior online and is a fundamental aspect of digital marketing strategy. This module focuses the two components of search marketing: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & PPC (Pay Per Click). In SEO, understand the concepts of search marketing, and the factors which influence Google’s Ranking algorithm to improve your website’s organic ranking on search engine’s pages (SERP’s) to drive more traffic. Along with this, gain an understanding of technical SEO and how Google evaluates website factors which affect SERP ranking. Learn how to optimize for search on-site & off-site, develop content for search, and evaluate if SEO is working for the business. In PPC, learn about the importance of Search Engine Advertising and its importance as a driver of quality traffic and leads to the website. Understand how to set up and use Google AdWords, set up and manage campaigns, maximize on advertising spend, write effective ads and create effective landing pages to achieve a good Quality Score, while producing detailed reports to support overall PPC strategy. In addition learn about how SEO & PPC can work together to create an effective search marketing strategy, conduct comprehensive keyword research and measure success.

Module 3 - Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the most popular Digital Marketing Channel in use. This module covers the growth of social media through identification of trends and penetration of various social channels globally and within the region. Receive orientation to the most commonly used channels namely: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Google+ & LinkedIn and how they can be used to compliment your overall digital strategy. Learn how to put together a multi- channel social media strategy and to leverage the uniqueness of each of the channels and the demographics they attract to fulfill business objectives. This module will also include identifying the appropriate social media channels for the business, creating a content strategy, identifying & working with social influencers, setting of KPI’s, how to determine ROI on social media and social media analytics. Community Management would be learnt as well the metrics and technology associated with the efficient moderation and use of social media. Finally, this module will teach how to grow, enhance engagement and convert social media users through social advertising.

Module 4 - Display Marketing & Email Marketing / CRM

This module covers the remainder of the two main digital marketing channels: Display Marketing & Email Marketing. Digital Display Marketing compliments and ties together digital strategy, and can be used to support multiple business objectives. In this module you will learn to create and implement effective digital display advertising campaigns, different ad formats, types of digital advertising, budgeting and payment models, as well as measurement and ROI.
Email marketing will cover the uses of Email and how it can be used to support and deliver against digital objectives. Email is a useful tool which can be used to generate brand awareness, for lead generation as well as inspire and drive customer loyalty. This module will cover all aspects of email marketing, you will learn to construct different types of Email, design principles, content, delivery as well as measurement and reporting. Understand how Email can be used throughout the marketing funnel, segment your audience and create marketing lists, as well as different technology providers available to support with overall Email strategy. Grow your marketing database and be introduced to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which can be used to effectively manage your customer data in conjunction with Email marketing.

Module 5 - Website & App Development

This module focuses on the end product of Digital Marketing activity, which is the Website. Learn how to create a basic website and different services which are available to do so, how to plan website structure, keeping in mind SEO principles, Domain name selection, URL structures, as well as the principles of effective lading page design. Understand about mobiles websites, the difference between adaptable & responsive design, as well as about user personas and designing websites based on principles of User Experience (UX) and customer journeys.
This module also touches on App development, Elements of App design & engagements and App Marketing. Learn how to evaluate the successfulness of your App.

Module 6 – Performance Marketing & Analytics

Data is the backbone of Digital Marketing and in this module you will learn the importance of data and how to use data in Digital Marketing Strategy and optimization. Be introduced to Google Analytics, and reporting. Learn about the different key metrics available and how these can be used to track and evaluate the performance of Digital Marketing campaigns through a reporting structure for the business. Understand how they can be applied to the website, and to assess the technical effectiveness of the website to measure user engagement and conversion through goal setting, e-commerce and event tracking.

Module 7 - E-Commerce

Learn about E-commerce and how it can be implemented for B2B and B2C. Be exposed to the intricacies of setting up an E-Commerce business in the region, along with the logistics and business models involved. Gain an understanding of the ethics and laws that govern e-commerce and how this can impact business & marketing strategy, as well as the special considerations that need to be adhered to in an E-commerce website compared to other websites & apps. In this module you will learn how to set up and effectively manage your own e-commerce business its KPI’s and how customers can be encouraged to convert throughout the marketing funnel.

Module 8 - Digital Strategy & The future of Digital

This module ties in Digital together and you will learn to create a digital marketing strategy, which takes into consideration business objectives and how this will affect digital marketing campaign planning, budget setting and KPI measurement; bringing together all previous modules of the course. This module will also factor in mobile marketing and how to create and deliver mobile campaigns taking into consideration localization and personalization. Explore mobile search, and how it differs and the various options available in mobile advertising such as SMS, Bluetooth, Push Messaging & App advertising. Learn about the future of Digital Marketing and new upcoming channels which can be used for digital marketing such as VR, Voice Search, AI & personal assistants. This module will also touch upon the required organizational culture needed to enact digital transformation, digital resourcing (in- house vs. agency), and the different support options available.

Entry Requirements:
The individual must have the below requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree or minimum High School
  • Good English Language Skills
  • Work experience in Marketing is preferable

Program schedule:
This course is for 110hrs and the sessions are held twice a week for approx. 3-4 months. The classes will be held 2 times a week (Saturdays and Tuesdays) 3hrs of each session at University of Dubai Campus in Academic City.

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